A Newmarket Poem

In Newmarket town where horses race,

There lies a group with timeless grace,

The Local History Society,

Their tales and artefacts bring to life the past vividly.

With knowledge and passion, they preserve,

The stories and memories that deserve,

To be remembered and celebrated,

For future generations, who are fascinated.

The tales of jockeys, trainers, and steeds,

The triumphs and losses, the heroic deeds,

All captured in the society’s collection,

A treasure trove of local history reflection.

In Newmarket town, where the past and present meet,

The Local History Society’s stories are a treat,

For all who love the town’s rich heritage,

A priceless gift that they willingly share.

A Newmarket Poem written especially for us in around 10 seconds by A I – an Artificial Intelligence via a computer and the internet with no direct input by NLHS.

Beat the computer: Can you write a better Newmarket Poem? Please send into the NLHS website. Thanks

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