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Correspondence 2022

5 April 2022

Good Morning,

I am trying to research the early history of March House 166, High Street now renamed Reynolds House.
I am a retired vet who was a partner in the veterinary practice before it moved out to the Newmarket Equine Hospital on the Cambridge Road. It had been a veterinary practice since about 1910 for Mr Livock and was then bought by Brailey Reynolds in 1925.

What I would like to know is who owned it before that, when it was built and for whom? I wonder if you have that info or could point me in the right direction. The site is about 2 acres through to Fitzroy Street and had about 10 loose boxes, a carriage house and a blacksmiths shop with 4 forges.

Hope you can help, with Best Wishes….Richard Greenwood

Webmaster…..As with previous correspondence, I pointed Richard to David’s website Also pointed out to Richard the existence of a similar forge tucked away behind the opticians near the Clock Tower. Must also check on what is actually left there since Bert Compodonico ran his tailoring business there. Can anyone remember the postwar history there? certainly, been many years since it was used as a forge. The forge at Reynolds House seemingly has been preserved as far as possible.

13 February 2022

My husband has recently taken over the tenancy of the Old Forge on the High Street (Thompson Taraz Rand Chartered Accountants). I was wondering whether you would know of or could direct me to any historical pictures/ background of the building please?

We would love to know more and to have a working knowledge of this lovely building.
Kind regards, Rachel Emerson-Rand.

Webmaster…..Checked this out with Peter Norman, but no luck with photos. However, has quite a bit about March House, if not the forge itself including the furnaces as the premises were being renovated.