Lifetime Membership

The Lifetime membership recognises and celebrates exceptional and sustained contributions to the Local History Society, including the research of the town’s history. This year, the committee nominated 4 people.

Joan Shaw has been researching, delivering talks on and writing about Newmarket’s history since the 1970s and she is still helping with the NLHS Committee to this day. Bill Smith joined the Society in 1989 and for years has researched, recorded and archived local history information. Peter Norman has been collecting pictures and photographs for the Society over many years, as a visual history record and Joan Watkinson has been very active in administration and helping to keep the Society running smoothly. All have been active in publicising the Society and adding to its Archives and in presenting exhibitions to the public and local schools.

A commemorative certificate has been presented to the recipients at the society’s Christmas party. This had been kept secret and was a great surprise to all. Sadly, Peter and Joan W. could not attend the presentation but were later given their certificates separately.

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    • Ellie on 3 March 2023 at 17:41
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    Good Lord-is that Joan Shaw…formerly scary Miss of Scaltback Middle School,Looking good Miss.

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