Newmarket People

This section looks at some of people who have become synonymous with the Town of Newmarket.

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Legends of the Turf

Legends of the Turf – The Walk of Fame In 2014 the decision was made to commemorate various racing people and horses by way of specially designed paving stones along the High Street. Suffolk County, Council, Forest Heath District Council, Newmarket Town Council, the Jockey Club and the Newmarket Journal provided funding and/or assistance and …


Personalities from the Past Lest we be accused of being biased towards horse-racing folk, please suggest others who might be included here. It does seem though that, by and large, non-racing personalities have avoided Newmarket. Click on the names below for more information:  

Rodney Vincent

Rodney Vincent

Memorial for the late Rodney Vincent It was not very nice weather-wise on the recreation field in Saxon Street, however, everyone there was pleased to have gathered together to celebrate Rod’s memory and to see each other again. The small gathering was composed of family, a few friends and two representatives of the Parish Council. …