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Rodney Vincent

Memorial for the late Rodney Vincent

Rodney Vincent

Rodney Vincent

It was not very nice weather-wise on the recreation field in Saxon Street, however, everyone there was pleased to have gathered together to celebrate Rod’s memory and to see each other again.

The small gathering was composed of family, a few friends and two representatives of the Parish Council. Rod’s widow, Audrey, had especially braved the weather to be there and remember her dear husband and companion of over 60 years.

Daughter Jo spoke on behalf of the family. The memorial birch tree, a favourite of Rod’s and Audrey’s, had been sited with the help of long-time friend, John Theobald. John spoke about Rod and his accomplishments. Sandra said a few words of appreciation about Rod’s work for NLHS.

Rod had given NLHS a new window to the world with his website. He received and answered many local history queries from all over the world and was always keen to draw in other NLHS members to help. Rod was good at linking up contacts. He had an enquiring, intelligent mind and was always researching new topics.

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He certainly expanded our knowledge of local history and considerably raised the Society’s public profile. He was the Newmarket Town Recorder for some time. His many pictures of Newmarket and elsewhere are a wonderful record of lives, times. nature and local scenes.