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Rous Court

Rous Memorial Hospital – now Rous Court

Rous Memorial Hospital - a sketch from 1890's

Rous Memorial Hospital – a sketch from 1890’s

Rous Memorial Hospital around 1900

Rous Memorial Hospital around 1900

Rous Memorial Hospital 1921

Rous Memorial Hospital 1921

Rous Court May 2020

Rous Court May 2020

All above from the collection of Peter Norman.

To learn more about the Memorial Hospital you can do no better than consult Dr Paul Saban’s website

Rous Court – update 2012

A New Life as Racing Welfare apartments.

February 2012. Rous Court has a new look and is serving a new purpose. The old building, once a Cottage Hospital, has been painstakingly remodelled to include 16 modern apartments to accommodate tenants who through their connections with the thoroughbred horseracing and breeding industry are eligible for assistance from Racing Welfare, a charitable organization funded entirely from voluntary sources.

The extensive work has improved the outside appearance, which is now more in keeping with the original Rous Hospital building. However, the main alterations are inside where much thought has been given to providing high quality, affordable accommodation.

Each wheelchair accessible apartment is self-contained with its own cooking space, living room, bedroom(s) and toilet/bathroom containing a walk-in shower unit. Additional facilities are provided by a lift, communal kitchen, satellite TV and computer access, as well as communal lounges.

At present (February 2012) 14 of the 16 apartments are occupied. The official opening is scheduled for May 2012. It has to be said that Racing Welfare have carried out an excellent job and the beneficiaries who are allocated accommodation will be very comfortably served.

Rous Court 2012 1 Rous Court 2012 3

The face of Rous Court has been improved with verandahs and new double-glazed windows.
The old clock is now working again and has a self-winding mechanism installed. The rear of the building is also much improved with balconies and wrought iron railings.

Rous Court 2012 2 Rous Court 2012 4

Each apartment has a small modern kitchen. Newmarket Town Mayor Keith Bovill who conducted the NLHS party around the building. Keith also works for Racing Welfare and was instrumental in getting the project under way.